After Almost Two Years of Waiting – Enter Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

I was revolted when Monster Hunter 4 came out in Japan. At that time, a lot of game releases were also showing up in the US, but not in the EU. That just added insult to injury. Now, it’s finally here and with a limited edition console. There was still a problem though, there just isn’t enough. I was lucky to snag one upon a well timed reservation months ago and it is a beauty.

DSCN7659 DSCN7660 DSCN7661 DSCN7662 DSCN7663 DSCN7667 DSCN7669 DSCN7674

We were unlucky for the Majora’s Mask limited edition console. As you probably know, opportunists have already been hoarding them to resell on e-bay for a mighty price. They hype train put the price on around €400 at the time of this writing. It’s disgusting. These people hoarding the consoles are probably not even gamers, just opportunists. They don’t deserve the earnings they get from hoarding, but I know there are a lot of gullible people in the world, so yeah, justice will never be served. That’s just how the real world is.

Ah well, at least our small monhun family is complete!:)


What better accesory other than a case would go with it? This dock! I wonder what other accessories would come out since the western release is finally here…


Persona Q

Another cool release from Atlus. As they promised — in retail! We could manage to get the Persona Q – Shadows of the Labyrinth Wild Cards Limited Edition. It’s got some really nice goodies in it! Arcana cards, character pins, artbook, a 3DS XL/LL case (no space to hold cartridges reliabley, though), and OST.

Both the box and artbook has a velvet feel and you’ve ever played any of the Persona series, that is a reference to “The Velvet Room”.

DSCN6893 DSCN6900 DSCN6902

Highly recommended if you’re a collector and a fan of the franchise!

The Legend of Legacy


Here’s a somewhat obscure new title. Judging by the cover, it looked to me like a mix of bravely default meets Dragon Quest. Seems to be interesting, graphics should probably be good in 3D and with the development teem composed of some established names in the gaming industry, it will be probably a good game!

the-legend-of-legacy-382643.10 the-legend-of-legacy-382643.4 the-legend-of-legacy-382643.6 the-legend-of-legacy-382643.5 the-legend-of-legacy-382643.3 the-legend-of-legacy-382643.7

As for me, I can afford to wait, with big releases coming this month. It’s going to be the best Friday the 13th ever! ^_^

Senran Kagura Imports

It came as a surprise to me a few months ago when Senran Kagura Burst (3DS) just popped up on EU’s e-shop and the retail copy a few days later. I’ve managed to buy one, but after that, they seemed to have stopped production. What’s more strange is that while this game was available in retail and e-shop in Europe, it wasn’t the case for the US, but the retail copy of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus was released for them and not in Europe.


The Japanese version of Versus had a beautiful manual/artbook!
DSCN6026 DSCN6028 DSCN6029 DSCN6030 DSCN6031 DSCN6032 DSCN6033
If you’re interested and can’t get them elsewhere… import!

Unexpected Good News on the 3DS Front!

So yesterday, they’ve finally announced the new 3DS consoles, as well as their special limited editions for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Majora’s Mask will be officially arriving on Friday the 13th of February for the US and Europe. It truly seems to be the month of love!:)

nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4g-special-pack-380953.1new-nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4g-special-pack-380953.2 new-nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4g-special-pack-380953.3


The consoles look classy. We’ll probably be getting both of them!

Freedom Wars

I was first skeptical about this title when it was announced, but this game turned out to be pretty awesome! It feels a bit like God Eater.  and the characters are likable, the concept and plot is interesting. There is also quite a lot of customization for your character (male or female) and your partner they call “accessories”.

I really hope for a sequel for this title! If you like Monster Hunter set in a different world and also want something widely available for most regions, this might be the game! It’s maybe two notches down the difficulty curve if compared to the Monster Hunter series, but it holds up its own identity. Check it out Freedom Wars!

2014-11-27-102758 2014-11-27-163756 2014-11-27-163837 2014-11-30-234439

Monster Hunting Season is Fast Approaching!

At least for the US, the date seems to be definitely slated for the end of March this year. Us folks in the EU still need to wait for an official release date, but I hope it arrives soon! I’m a bit disappointed that the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector’s Edition seems to be for the US only.


I really was hoping against hope that we’d get something that was also available in Japan like the special edition 3DS LLs. One of which is my favorite, the Goa Magara Special Pack.
nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-goa-magara-black-311747.6 nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-goa-magara-black-311747.4nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-goa-magara-black-311747.5  nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-goa-magara-black-311747.3

Another special pack is the cute felyne themed 3DS LL Airu White! \(*0*)/

nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-airu-white-311749.5 nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-airu-white-311749.6 nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-airu-white-311749.3 nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-special-pack-airu-white-311749.4

Lastly, the Rajang Gold Edition! It seems to be made with the same gold console version from the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Limited Edition, which is also a very nice console to have! Me and my wife have one each! o_(^_^)_o
nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-edition-rajang-gold-350965.4 nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-edition-rajang-gold-350965.5 nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-edition-rajang-gold-350965.6 nintendo-3ds-ll-monster-hunter-4-edition-rajang-gold-350965.7

Prices are bit steep, but importing is the only way to get them at the moment. _(“-_-)_ There exists a cheaper alternative, but less spectacular design. It’s the Monster Hunter 4 3DS Limited Edition Bundle.

nintendo-3ds-monster-hunter-4-hunter-pack-limited-console-bundl-335969.4 nintendo-3ds-monster-hunter-4-hunter-pack-limited-console-bundl-335969.5 nintendo-3ds-monster-hunter-4-hunter-pack-limited-console-bundl-335969.6

If you don’t mind the smaller screen for a more portable console, then this might be the one for you! I myself prefer the LL/XL simply because you see more of the action and it’s easier on the eyes too. Please take not that the consoles I’ve mentioned here (except for the Zelda Limited Edition Bundle) are region locked to play Japanese games (NTSC) only, so if you plan to buy them, you will have to buy Japanese cartridges too and be able to understand Japanese or wade your way through translating. I really hope they will make a bundle for PAL versions! (‘-‘)

I’m growing impatient as March approaches! \(*-*)/