Our DS/3DS Collection (updated Nov 2013)

We (My wife and I) were quite fortunate to be able to find old DS games at various local thrift shops and we’re really happy with our collection. We’re still hunting for the Phoenix Wright series though.

 DSCN4865 DSCN4868 DSCN4870_cr

I still regret the day I sold my GBA and GBA SP and GBC…. ;( I’ve had fun times with those. Anyway, to the photos! I’m sure this collection is tiny compared to a lot of people, especially in Japan. If I could only teleport myself to a good thrift shop there for a day, this collection will blow up to fill a room. Currently have 72 games (assorted 3DS/DS) and still growing for we are still waiting for Bravely Default, Monster Hunter 4 and Shin Megami Tensei IV (EU version) if it ever arrives here. :)

My Animal Crossing: New Leaf Custom Skyrim Logo Shirt

I finally gathered the courage to design a shirt. It’s just a simple white on black logo of Skyrim. There might be some of you who can do better (share you QR codes here!), but if you don’t have any, feel free to try this on. As I mentioned earlier, my town in Animal Crossing New Leaf will have a Skyrim theme — as much as I can make it. :)

HNI_0032 HNI_0033 (2) HNI_0034 HNI_0035

Meanwhile, I’m working on the town tune!

UPDATE: You can have the design  via my dream address @ 7400-2187-1459 or just use the QR code.

Animal Crossing Theme

I plan to make a Skyrim theme for my new game in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Not sure how I’d pull it off, but I’ve always wanted to make a medieval town in Animal Crossing Wild World, but bells are very cumbersome unlike in the new game. I’m currently researching on tiles and decorations I could use to achieve this.

The weekend went by like a breeze playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. So much to do, so little time.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Finally Hits the EU!

We’ve pre-ordered the Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS XL bundle last month and it’s finally here! We plan to get the retail copy as well since Nintendo still hasn’t configured their Network to link to an account instead of a physical console for their digital games. From the recent events in E3, they seem to be pushing digital downloads, but if they’re serious about this, they will have to change the way their network works with regards to our digital game libraries. Anyways, here is the beast along with a limited edition figure for pre-ordering!

DSCN4538 DSCN4539 DSCN4540

It’s weird that we still haven’t received our download code (there’s a promotion going on with 8 games, when you buy 3, you get to

download one for free).  So excited! Another addition to our collection!


My Playstation Vita is a Bit Stale…

When Persona 4 Golden came out for the PS VITA, I was so excited and immediately got one with hopes of the game collection picking up from there with some titles I liked as well such as Marvel VS. Capcom 3 and Disgaea 3. Soul Sacrifice was the next hyped game for the platform (already out now), but it fell short. It has that same empty feeling of a quick hack n’ slash games like Dynasty Warriors Next. Shooters were also ranged from mediocre to bad.

The seemingly lost cause that is the 3DS suddenly revived itself these past few months with such a great collection of games. I really almost gave up on this platform when I got it last year. The fact that it also has backwards compatibility with DS games made it my staple travel buddy along with my art materials and sketchbooks. I wish they could remake some of the Shin Megami Tensei series for the VITA and finally a good shooter with tight controls. There doesn’t seem to be any other RPGs on this platform as well. No God of War?

Looking at the next set of games to be released, there really is nothing compelling. Sure, you have Dragon’s Crown, but even this game seems like another hack n’ slash game. It seems this game has exaggerated breasts as one of their selling points. The game also resembles  Shadow over Mystara.

What good is that powerful hardware if you have a sad collection mediocre games? Besides all that, I’m glad that it’s not region locked, meaning you can import games. I hope the VITA”s library gets better soon. It’s not impossible unless Sony has very low priority for the VITA — as it seem to be now.

Cool Upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Accessories

I’ve never played much of the monster hunter series until Monster Hunter 3, which I think is the best of the series to date. Now, Monster hunter 4 is coming! I was really disappointed at their limited edition 3DS XL and other accessories outside Japan. The bundle just was a black 3DSXL, unlike some others like that of Fire Emblem 3DS/3DS XL bundles.

Just drooling over play-asia, I’d like to get those when they come out!

Monster_Hunter_4_Pouch_for_3DS_LL_Emblem_311089.1 Monster_Hunter_4_Pouch_for_3DS_LL_Emblem_311089.2

Monster Hunter 4 Pouch for 3DS LL (Emblem)

Hori is well-known to have stickers and accessories, somewhat limited stock, though. Maybe a bit different on where you live, but here in Europe, flashy and cool accessories are still considered very childish by stupid old farts, the reason why not many of them are imported. This really looks cool!

Monster_Hunter_4_Accessory_Set_for_3DS_268497.1 Monster_Hunter_4_Accessory_Set_for_3DS_268497.2

Monster Hunter 4 Accessory Set for 3DS (Hori)

Unless you already have an XL/LL, sometimes the 3DS is just so tiny for some of us who have large thumbs. This could be a solution. Those bigger shoulder buttons will really help!

Monster_Hunter_4_Hunting_Gear_for_3DS_Rathalos_Red_268503.1 Monster_Hunter_4_Hunting_Gear_for_3DS_Rathalos_Red_268503.2

Monster Hunter 4 Hunting Gear for 3DS (Rathalos Red)

There’s even one for the XL/LL! Again, the big shoulder buttons are the selling point here. Not sure how much weight this will add up, but here it is.

Monster_Hunter_4_Hunting_Gear_for_3DS_LL_Goa_Magara_Black_268505.1 Monster_Hunter_4_Hunting_Gear_for_3DS_LL_Goa_Magara_Black_268505.2 Monster_Hunter_4_Hunting_Gear_for_3DS_LL_Goa_Magara_Black_268505.3

Monster Hunter 4 Hunting Gear for 3DS LL (Goa Magara Black)

All of the products I’ve mentioned above are compatible with the US/EU versions of the console. They’re just sometimes called a different name in Japan like LL, which is XL in US/EU.

While I’m still frustrated at how long it takes for the latest Shin Megami Tensei series games to arrive here in Europe, I don’t mind waiting for Monster Hunter 4 because I am still enjoying playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  I hope the next installment provides more features for Streetpass.

Ace Attorney 5 – Objection!

Recently, Capcom has announced Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies (Gyakuten Saiban 5 in Japan) to be available in digital form only outside of Japan. This is depressing news, as you might all know already, Nintendo will not let you easily redownload your purchases in case you lose your 3DS or it breaks for some reason — missing the whole point of digital games, which should be tied to an account rather than a physical console, and yet they must wonder why they’re losing to Apple with digital games.

It disgusts me how manipulative Capcom has been for this release saying “If fans really love the series and want to play the game in English, we’re expecting them to be there. If they’re not, well, that tells us something too. I’m betting on you guys.” I’m not sure if they notice how this statement sounds more like a threat. More information on that via Nintendo Life.

Basically, the statement above really tells us this:


I am aware that he probably doesn’t have any powers to change his superiors’ decision to save money and not release the game in retail (physical copy), but they’re clearly discounting the fact that a lot of people are willing to buy the retail copy if it were released and that a lot of us will NOT buy the digital version until Nintendo changes its digital account policy.  An average 3DS user is more likely to go get a retail copy instead of having to input their credit cards (not all countries have Nintendo cards) into a console for the e-version. So, that percentage of people would most likely ignore this release, and it is a potential that Capcom has just lost in this case.

It really does look bleak for western releases of import games from Japan. If Ace Attorney 5 doesn’t do well in the western e-Shop, the next game in the series, and subsequently, a lot of other import games might not even be considered for a western release. They would think nobody in the west likes it anyway but never realize that their refusal to not release a physical copy and low localization priorities  might also be a factor of the weak sales.

Bandwidth is certainly also expensive but not as much as a retail release, so why is this priced like a retail product, like all other 3DS titles in the e-Shop? There is no need to ship a physical item, no travel time, no customs check, it’s all bits that can be copied and recopied. Despite that, I think a large majority would still end up buying it, given that there is no other choice unless you understand Japanese and import them.

That really does it for us. We’re retaking Japanese as our fourth language and will be importing games and consoles soon. As much as I want the local publishers to be successful, if this is how bad they treat customers, then goodbye to them, who are so incompetent and have their demographics all wrong.